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Preferred Savings

Preferred Savings Account in Bahamas

Preferred Savings Account

Fidelity has the perfect savings plan for you no matter what your objectives are - whether saving for the long or short term, prefer immediate availability to your funds or want to lock in a guaranteed rate of return. Putting your money aside should be a top priority.


This discipline can be hard unless you have a workable plan. That is where we come in. Together we can work out an effective savings plan – one that makes it easy for you to build a comfortable cash reserve and ensure that you’ll have money you need in years ahead.



You can get:

  • Free unlimited deposits
  • Free Online Banking – check balances and make account transfers at your convenience
  • Avoid the monthly service fee by maintaining the required minimum average monthly balance.
  • Minimum monthly balance must be maintained.

See our fees guide for more information.