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Personal Budget Control Form

As part of our FREE Financial Coaching, you are required to complete the below form. 
Once completed, simply download or print. Bring a copy of your completed Personal Budget Control Form with you to your free financial coaching session.

(Month and Year) To (Month and Year)
Source of Cash Monthly Targets Actual Variance
1 Salary
2 Bonus/Overtime
3 Income from other jobs
4 Spouse Salary (optional)
5 Income from family members
6 Business Income
7 Dividends & Interest Earned
8 Rent from Tenants
9 Unemployment Pay
10 Pension
11 Disability Income
12 Gifts
13 Redundancy Payment
14 Other
Total Cash Available
A) Donations to charity (tithes & offerings)
B) Housing (rent or mortgage, insurance & maintenance fund)
C) Utilities (water, electricity, telephone, cable, security)
D) Salaries for housekeeper and child care
E) INVESTMENTS: Insurance + Savings/Investment Account + Education Fund + Real Estate + Pension Plan + IRA
F) Transportation & maintenance (loan payments, gas, service, insurance, licences)
G) Furniture and appliances for house (monthly loan payments)
H) Food, toiletries and other basic necessities (avoid snacks)
I) Clothing and accessories
J) Other monthly bills (medical, dental, credit cards)
K) Habits & Additions
L) Miscellaneous (e.g. entertainment, hobbies, spending money for kids, gifts)
M) Vacation/Christmas shopping/Other unnecessary things
(Month and Year) TO (Month and Year)
Uses of Cash Monthly Targets Actual Variance
1 Gifts/Tithes/Offering/Donations
2 Savings
3 Housing (Rent or Mortgage)
4 House Maintenance
5 House Insurance
6 Electricity
7 Telephone (regular & cellular)
8 Cable
9 Internet Service
10 Water
11 Groceries
12 Dining Out/Lunch
13 Tuition/School Fees
14 Education Fund
15 Pension Fund
16 Retirement Account (IRA)
17 Laundry/Dry Cleaning
18 Pet Expenses
19 Housekeeper/Childcare
20 Spousal/Child Support
21 Medical Insurance
22 Medicine
23 National Insurance
24 Life Insurance Premium(s)
25 Investments
26 Loan Payments (A)
Loan Payments (B)
Loan Payments (C)
Loan Payments (D)
27 Habits & Addictions
28 Auto Insurance
29 Auto Care & Inspection
30 Parking
31 Other (Vacation, clothing, etc.)
Total Cash Expensed
Surplus or (Deficit)
See REVERSE for INCOME budget and suggested priorities