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Fidelity Bank is committed to ensuring that banking services are available so that before and after a storm, our response to your needs is timely and effective.


We understand that after a storm you want to get back to your normal life. Therefore, we will make every effort to resume normal services as soon as NEMA gives the ‘all clear signal’.


We must also ensure that our employees can make hurricane preparations on a timely basis.


As part of our preparedness plan, we want to inform you of the Bank's policy in the event of a hurricane:


How long prior to a hurricane will branches be open?

Fidelity Bank will remain open remain during a HURRICANE WATCH and will monitor the storm's progress. During this time the Bank will begin to secure its properties.


The Bank will close all offices when NEMA issues a HURRICANE WARNING to allow time for our employees to join their families and complete their preparations. All Fidelity Financial Centres will post signage announcing the closing of the facility.


Because the Bank will be temporarily ceasing its operations, special deadlines for wires and other services may be set. The most updated information will be posted on Fidelity’s website, on its Facebook page, as well as Online Banking. For other inquiries, our customer support is available 24/7 and can be reached at 356-7764.


How do I make a withdrawal if the Bank is closed?

Note that our ATMs will remain operational until hurricane shutters are installed. We advise you to withdraw enough cash BEFORE the hurricane arrives so that you have it on hand in the event that ATMs are not accessible due to prolonged power failures.


How will I know which branches are open after a hurricane?

Pay attention to Fidelity’s Facebook page, website and radio announcements for details regarding opening dates and times.


How can I access my account information remotely?

Avoid driving to the bank just before and during a hurricane. With online banking, you can check account balances, transfer funds between eligible accounts, and handle routine banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your home computer. With the convenience of bill paying and you can fulfill your commitments to your creditors and avoid late fees. If you have not signed up for FREE Online Banking yet, now is the perfect time. Call your branch to set up Online Banking.