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Financial Goals Form

To be discussed during financial planning sessions. You may attach additional detailed information about your goals.

Priority Goals Short Term
0-1 yr.
Medium Term
2-5 yr.
Long Term
5-10 yr.
Longest Term
> 10 yrs.
Home ownership (or home improvements)
Own Education Fund(college, university, seminars, courses)
Children’s Education Fund (private school, college, university)
Retirement Fund
Start a New Business / Expand a Business *
Upgrade job or career
Financial independence /Reserve for investment opportunity
Travel or Dream Vacation or Fulfilment of a Fantasy
New Car
Wedding (yours or your children)
Investments (securities, real estate) to fund long term goals
Upgrade relationships (for noble pursuits) *
Have a child or children (with qualified life partner)
Gifts or donations to charity or church
Emergency fund (for unexpected expenses)
Personal Development (spiritual growth, time management, etc) *
Inheritance for children or grandchildren
Savings (to fund annual expenses and short term goals)
Debt reduction and consolidation *
Recreation and fitness
Care for elderly parents or other relatives

Plan of Action: Each month funds are deposited to a savings account (or fixed deposit) to fund the short-term and medium-term goals. For long-term goals (4 years and longer) funds are deposited to an investment account or mutual fund. Loans can be used to: (a) fund goals when the purpose of the loan is to acquire an asset that increases in value (b) facilitate an increase in income or cash flow for saving i.e. A DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOAN (c) improve the value of an asset. Remember to have a GIVING PLAN and to invest in your own personal development and spiritual growth.

* You may attach additional detailed information.