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02 Dec / 2016


Fidelity Bank donated food and grocery bags to the Trinity Methodist Church’s Soup Kitchen feeding over 500 persons over the course of two Tuesdays.


“Food is a necessity that some persons are not fortunate enough to take for granted,” said Ms. Tangela N. Albury, Chief Compliance Officer and Chair of Fidelity Group’s Donations Committee. “There are thousands of families in New Providence who are challenged with hunger, especially after the passing of Hurricane Matthew in October. These grocery bags are intended to ease that burden for a while.”


Each of the grocery bags donated contained a box of cereal, evaporated milk, rice, sugar, flour, canned soup, tuna, sardines, corned beef, ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese and peanut butter. It is estimated that each bag can feed a family of four for at least three weeks. Fidelity also donated turkeys for the Soup Kitchen’s pre-Christmas dinner where an estimated 400 persons were fed.


Trinity’s Soup Kitchen regularly serves hot lunches to up to 200 persons in need every Tuesday. Additionally, they keep a register of persons who at Christmas time receive gifts (for the children) and bags of toiletries (for the adults). “We’re here to help our community as much as we can,” said Mrs. Lauren Higgs, Administrator of Trinity’s Soup Kitchen. “The crowds that show up each Tuesday is increasing, a sign that the need in the community is great, especially during the holidays where we feed far more than our regular 150 to 200 persons. As a church, we can only do so much, so when private companies like Fidelity Bank step up to assist, it really goes a long way.”


Fidelity staff were on site to assist with the distribution of grocery bags as well as hot soup and drinks. Odia Gaskin, Financial Centre Manager, Frederick Street, said she was moved by the experience. “We saw people from all walks of life coming to receive assistance; there were elderly persons and children and even persons one would not expect to see. All of them were so grateful for the help.”


Ms. Albury encourages other members of the public to assist with feeding initiatives like the one hosted at Trinity Methodist Church.