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09 Feb / 2017


Fidelity made a donation of The Bahamas National Feeding Network (BNFN), a non-profit organization that acts as a central hub for the collection and distribution of resources to charities throughout New Providence and the Family Islands.


Established in 2013, BNFN acts as the central hub for feeding centres in the Bahamas. The organization collects and disburses food and non-food supplies, volunteers and other resources and distributed to over 70 feeding centres/programmes. This, according to BNFN, is to minimize duplication of services, improve communications and collaboration and to provide a common platform for standards among these groups. Since its launch BNFN estimates feeding upwards of 1000 persons a day through its distribution channels. In its first year of existence, the organization donated $70,000 in food coupons to over 40 feeding groups and churches.


Ms. Tangela N. Albury, Chief of Compliance and Donations Committee Chair says Fidelity Bank is committed to helping the less fortunate in the community it serves. “It is estimated that 1 out of every 8 persons in The Bahamas lives on or under $11.64 a day” she says. “Considering that some persons would spend that amount or more on only one meal, it is difficult to imagine having to feed oneself for an entire day with that little - notwithstanding other basic needs that need to be funded.”


Mr. Philip Smith, Executive Director received the donation and expressed sincere thanks to Fidelity Bank for its generosity. “We are able to do what we do because of the kindness of corporate citizens like those at Fidelity,” he said.


To donate to The Bahamas National Feeding Network, visit www.bahamasfeedingnetwork.org