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Prepaid Visa Cards

Get a Prepaid Visa Cards

Fidelity Prepaid Visa Card

Get all the benefits of Visa and Mastercard without all the fees with Fidelity's Prepaid Visa/Mastercard. With this card, you can load your money directly onto the card and use instantly. You get instant text alerts with every purchase for added protection. And the best part, everyone qualifies!


Worldwide Acceptance & ATM Network

Just like other Visa/MasterCard cards, Fidelity's Prepaid Visa/MasterCard card is accepted at over 25 million establishments and nearly 1 million ATMs worldwide.


Cash Access

The Visa/MasterCard Card allows cardholders to access cash advances through ATM machines or over-the-counter at financial institutions 24-Hour Customer Service, 365 days a year.


Bahamas – 242-356-7764
Cayman – 345-949-7822
Email: cards@fidelitybahamas.com
The Visa/MasterCard Card allows cardholders to call us collect, anytime, from anywhere


Visa Emergency Service*:

US or Canada: 1(800)-847-2911

Collect (410) 581-9994


MasterCard Emergency Service*:

US or Canada: 1(800)-307-7309

Collect (636) 722-7111