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Pension Plan

A multi-employer Pension Plan

Fidelity launched it's Pension Plan in 2004 and established the plan as a best of breed, long-term retirement savings vehicle, and management of the plan’s assets has been outsourced to investment managers who are considered experts in their particular fields, such as fixed income investments, US equities, Asian equities or European equities. Due to its superior performance over the years, the plan now has over 3,000 members.

Change of Ownership & Pension Withdrawals

On 31 December 2019 Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Limited sold its 100% interest in Fidelity Pension Services, which administers the Fidelity Pension Plan, to RF Holdings.  
Although payment of pension contributions can still be accepted by the Bank, we cannot answer or handle any queries as
it relates to a member’s holdings in the Plan. 

Queries should be addressed to: pension@fidelitycayman.com or logon to Royal Fidelity Pensions