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In light of the confirmation of COVID-19 cases in Cayman, and the Government’s instruction to close ALL non-essential business premises, we are required to close our offices commencing Wednesday, 25th March 2020. We will, however, continue to service you through our online platforms, email and phone lines.


The following is the information you will need in order to conduct business with us until it is deemed safe to resume our normal business activities.

Main switchboard: 949-5836
Staff can still be reached on their usual extension numbers.


Staff can still be contacted on their usual email addresses or the following general addresses can be used:-


Payment of Premiums

Payment of premiums can either be made online via Electronic Fund Transfer (ACH), by credit/debit card or in person at either of the two branches of Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Limited.


For debit/credit card payments please call 914-2168 for Health Insurance, 914-2140 for Motor & Home Insurances and 914-2145 for all other General Insurances.


For ACH payments, or for payments in person at Fidelity Bank, please include the following information:


General Insurance Banking Details:
Name of Account: Fidelity Insurance (Cayman) Limited


Health Insurance Banking Details
Name of Account: Fidelity Insurance (Cayman) Limited


Claims Settlements
Claims settlements will be issued directly into your account once your banking information is provided.


Processed Health claims can be reviewed online at https://www.fidelitygroup.com/caymanislands/health-insurance-in-cayman-islands


We will keep you abreast of any changes to this information through updates via our website and social media platforms.
Thank you for your understanding.


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