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Cayman Islands Insurance

Why an Insurance Broker?

When it comes to insurance, you want someone who is working for you. Unlike insurance providers, an insurance broker uses his professional knowledge and experience to help you properly assess your individidual insurance needs, shop for the best value in insurance coverage and help you in the event of a claim.


Why Fidelity Insurance

Fidelity Insurance services include:

  • Assessing your individual needs and obtaining quotes.
  • Comparing the coverage of different insurers to get you the best rates and conditions.
  • Searching for opportunities to reduce overall premiums by combining different types of insurance for discounts.
  • Explaining premiums, terms, conditions and any small print that you don’t understand.
  • Providing administrative follow-up, such as mortgage changes, certificates of insurance.
  • Providing advice and revisions at policy renewal or mid-term if material changes are necessary, such as a move or the sale of an asset.
  • Being available to answer questions after purchase.
  • Ensuring your claims are fairly handled.
Fidelity Insurance covers:
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Home, Building & Contents
  • Contractors' All Risk
  • Business

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For a free insurance quote, email us at info@fidelitycayman.com or call 1 (345)-949-5836 today!