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Fidelity Visa Credit Cards With FreedomPoints

You need a credit card for the convenience and protection it provides, but you want a credit card for the additional benefits it offers. You can get it all from a locally issued card that offers rewards as individual as you are.
Fidelity Visa cards are linked to Freedom Points. Every time you shop with your Fidelity VISA credit card you earn points. Points can be used for :

Any Airline
Any Time
Any Where

Card Rentals, Hotels, Gift Certificates and online vouchers to spend at hundred of stores

A great rewards programme, built-in Insurance and a purchase protection plan puts Fidelity Visa cards in a class of their own. Fidelity Visa cards offer the convenience of the Visa local and global network, the accessibility of Fidelity customer service, and account online manageability. Fidelity iSave and iSmart cards are only available in the Bahamas.

Visa Cards that offer savings and rewards! Choose the Visa Card that fits your lifestyle:

  • Visa Gold with FreedomPoints
  • Visa Classic with FreedomPoints
  • i$ave Visa – save 10% cash back on interest paid annually
  • i$mart Visa – low 14% APR
  • Asue Visa Card – guaranteed first draw and 10% cash back on interest paid annually

Credit Cards Customer Service:

Assistance for lost or stolen Credit Cards and customer service queries available 24-hours,
Phone: 356 7764
Email: cards@fidelitybahamas.com