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Fidelity Health Primo

The Fidelity Health Primo Plan 

The Fidelity Primo Plan is the elite choice for health care coverage just for groups. At Fidelity, we believe that your health care coverage should be designed to suit your needs and fit your lifestyle. If you are looking for extra coverage without sacrificing flexibility than the Fidelity Primo Plan is the plan for you. The Fidelity Primo Plan is our most superior plan including full dental, vision and other supplementary care. The highest preventative care benefits which encourage healthy lifestyles are not subject to deductible or co-payments. We believe that personalized health and supplemental insurance doesn’t just help you stay healthy-it can also help protect you financially. And unlike many other plans the Primo Health Plan can be customized to suit your groups’ specifications.


Plan Benefits Include:

  • Excellent Lifetime Maximum
  • Dental and Vision Cover
  • Preventative Care Benefits
  • Lowest out of Pocket Limit


For more information, contact us at info@fidelitycayman.com.