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Bank Cards

Fidelity Visa/Master/Debit Cards in Cayman

You need a credit card for the convenience and protection it provides, but you want a credit card for the additional perks it offers. Finally, you can get it all from a locally issued card that offers rewards as individual as you are. Fidelity credit card users benefit from a preventative fraud measure. Each transaction made on a card elicits a text message response naming the vendor and the transaction amount. The message alerts the card holder to any potentially fraudulent usage.
In addition, Fidelity Visa cards are linked to Freedom Points. With Freedom Points you get more than the standard airline miles – you can also earn points toward spa certificates, music downloads, department store gift certificates, and more.
Fidelity Visa Credit Cards With FreedomPoints
A great rewards programme, built-in Insurance and a purchase protection plan puts Fidelity Visa cards in a class of their own. Fidelity Visa cards offer the convenience of the Visa local and global network, the accessibility of Fidelity customer service, and account online manageability.




Visa Cards that offer savings and rewards! Choose the Visa Card that fits your lifestyle:

  • Visa Gold with FreedomPoints
  • Visa Classic with FreedomPoints


24-Hour Customer Service, 365 Days a Year

Cayman – 345-949-7822
Bahamas – 242-356-7764
Email: cards@fidelitybahamas.com


The Visa Card allows cardholders to call us collect, anytime, from anywhere


Visa Emergency Service*:

US or Canada: 1(800)-847-2911
Collect (410) 581-9994
Emergency Card Replacement
Emergency Cash Advance


Purchase Protection Insurance

The Visa Card provides coverage for most items customers buy entirely with their Card and are covered for a full 90 days from the date of purchase indicated on your credit card statement. Coverage is limited to the cost of the item (excluding delivery and transportation costs) up to $5,000 per Cardholder account per year.